This page links to several presentation films showing the work we do at Claws'n'Paws Hartlepool. You will need Speakers or Headphones connected to your computer or device. After reading the introduction SCROLL DOWN the page, watching each section in sequence.


Claws'n'Paws Hartlepool is primarily a first call rescue service and not a long-term shelter/rehoming/adoption service. 

The way Claws’n’Paws Hartlepool works is different to other 'shelters. We do not work from a permanent site and we only rescue small birds and animals that are in immediate need, danger or distress by way of Injury, Abandonment, Displacement, Neglect, At Risk to Life, Sick, Abused or Maltreated, Orphaned, Homeless or in a situation where there is no warmth, food or shelter

This means we engage in :-

  •  Retrieving and initially looking after the small birds and animals we rescue (but not at a permanent shelter of our own). We use short term Foster Carers, Safe Houses and Shelters, and we place rescued and recovering birds and animals directly with other bird and animal specialists or organisations as soon as ever possible after rescue,to give them the very best chance of survival and a new beginning in life. 
  • Giving all small birds and animals that come into our care the very best chance of survival and rehabilitation, making suitable follow up  'arrangements' after rescue and any initial emergency aid.
  •  Awareness and Education of the public in regard to Animal Welfare and Animal Cruelty including online awareness campaigns and fundraising projects, in particular, through Social Media links
  • Assisting with immediate food, warmth, shelter, materials and transport of injured small birds and animals together with short-term emergency assistance and advice, which may require first aid, medications, vet visits and temporary accommodation arrangements.
  • Arranging Rehabilition and Support - short, medium and long term where in individual cases this is the only or best arrangement possible.

Our on-line advice services also provide advice and guidance to the public in their own neighbourhoods to assist them to give first aid to birds and animals in need, providing accurate advice such that they can help birds and animals themselves in their own neighbourhoods in less serious and non-emergency cases.The service also signposts people to nearby organisations who can give further on-going help and advice.


None or our Staff or Volunteers are paid. When vacancies arise we draw volunteers primarily through our ‘Friends of ClawsnPaws Hartlepool’ online Community Group.

The best way to see what help we need right now is to get involved by :- 

  • Joining our Facebook Friends Group. 'Friends of ClawsnPaws Hartlepool'. 

     Simply click any of the blue links on our main website at and complete and submit our 'Volunteering' Questionnaire...(click ‘Volunteering’ on our website side panel to open the questionnaire page) this will add your full details and main interests to our database list of potential helpers and volunteers and tells us more about you.

  •   Reading our latest NEWS page by clicking on ‘Latest News’ on our main website
  •         Attending and Supporting any of our local events advertised from time to time on our main website and Facebook Group pages.



We are hoping by 2018/19 to find a suitably small rural parcel of land to open a Rehabilitation and Soft Release Area for some of the birds and animals we assist who sometimes need a longer time to recover. We will eventually need helpers for this project.

We are developing our on-line resources and we are seeking to appoint online Administrators and Moderators.

We always need:

·         Sponsors

·         Donors

·         Support from Providers & Community Organisations

·         Fundraising Ideas & Helpers

·         Gifts of Food and Materials



RESPONSE  -                         * 07092 347 849 

(*The above number is for Emergencies Only and is our main response number. )

*Premium rates are charged to the caller by your phone provider. This means the service is funded FREE to our Charity by the callers who use the service.

For all general guidance and advice there's also our FREE email address at  


RECOGNISE -   How do you recognise and read certain situations and what basic equipment do you need? Carriers,Towels,Sheets,Gloves, Vehicle, (Hi-Viz for Traffic) etc;

What would you do to help in these situations.........? 

RESCUE       -    What things do we need to do before and after Rescue? Can we actually make the rescue in the first place? Are we equipped to rehab and treat the bird or animal once rescued? Do we have the right resources? If not we may need to call assistance - say from a more specialised rescue service? If we do make a rescue can it be re-released or rehomed AFTER our short-term fostering services? Other services, especially Vets will certainly need to be involved.

See how this film makes those links with other services and rehabbers.........

RECOVERY   -   What happens after rescue? in the 1st 24/48 Hrs of recovery for a bird or animal rescued. How must the bird or animal feel? Where should it be kept and what basic needs are required in the first 24 Hours to recover from shock etc. A VET visit first is an essential and legal part of of the process.... and what if the bird or animal can't be released or rehomed? Can it be given a safe and secure environment or habitat?.... and for how long ? days...weeks...months ....even years .......The role and importance of Foster Carers ,Rehabbers and other organisations is a very essential part of recovery in many situations 

SADLY soon after the above video was released Malone died, of natural causes on 31st May 2016. He was over 6 years old. This film is therefore now an epitaph to his wonderful life. We will always remember him here at Claws'n'Paws Hartlepool. He was much loved by all who met him.

REHABILITATION -  How much time and effort does it take?  The needs of the bird or animal, its habitat and environment come first and are very important to success. Each species has different needs, each have differing types of food, shelter, safety, security, habitat and exercise requirements. Think about how the birds and animals in these situations can be helped? Where and how can Rest and Recuperation take place?

RELEASE  -     Hard or Soft Release?  The right place to release ? Time of Day ?  Weather considerations? Permissions?  Follow ups ? - Watch this hard release....

 and this release....

RE-EVALUATION - What can we do better with better facilities, more helpers and resources? With bespoke rehabilitation area(s) we can help small birds and animals even more,  giving them the time and care they need before being released or finding them the right home. Time in care helps them adjust and make new relationships and simply get over their ordeal. Watch this film of how 11 wild Geese and Ducks, all from separate rescues were fostered, rehabilitated and released to start their new lives together in the outside world,  lending support to each other from the day they were released. Rehabilitation over a period of time helps to prepare birds and animals for their re-release back into the wild and helps them to build new and lasting relationships whilst in you will see.......


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